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CCTV is a continuously expanding industry. Whilst other companies focus on the simple recording of a premises, we have taken the use of CCTV equipment to a whole new level including analytic services that help the retail sector and access control.

The cost of cctv equipment can vary but having a good understanding in the difference in equipment is essential. For example, cheap systems might have a function called “Motion alarm” this generally refers to an alarm being triggered when there is motion detected on a particular system. This is an extremely outdated technology and can end up driving you insane from the continuous false alarms from leaves etc blowing across the screen. From our research anyone that has these systems end up disconnecting this feature from their system so they end up with a basic CCTV system.

EPMS systems use AVR “Line crossing” where we create a virtual line on the screen. It is only when this virtual line is crossed that an alarm is triggered, reducing significantly false alarms.

To compete and thrive in today’s crowded markets, businesses and institutions need to work smarter. Based on a technology called Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘trains’ computers to do tasks faster and better than people previously could. For example, in the application of video technology, AI makes it possible for security and business systems to recognise people, vehicles, as well as identify customer interests, and certain scenarios that used to have human oversight like shelf items running out of stock, and more.  

This capability means that it’s now possible to automate many key surveillance tasks and business processes.

Work smarter and safer with Hikvision

When it comes to delivering the insights today’s organisations need, Hikvision is a pioneer in security and beyond. Our industry leading smart cameras and infrastructure solutions engineered with AI technology integrate a range of tools to support smarter decision making, from people counting and facial recognition, to vehicle recognition and automated security alerts. 

The application for Hikvision’s smart technologies is virtually limitless. We help banks to protect employees, customers, branch offices and ATMs. We help retailers to understand footfall in their stores and optimise their merchandising strategies. And we help city authorities to reduce congestion and pollution with smart traffic management solutions.

One partner with a world of insights

Hikvision offers a broad range of technologies needed to help organisations work smarter, from next-generation cameras equipped with AI and Deep Learning technologies, to smart ‘edge’ infrastructure and deep data analytics capabilities in the cloud. As such, we give you one point of access to a world of insights to help your organisation work smarter and, crucially, to protect your people and assets from security threats.

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